DATE : 15-01-02
KIPO to Provide “One Portal Dossier“ Information to the Public in 2015
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Date: December 29, 2014
Source: KIPO
KIPO to Provide “One Portal Dossier“ Information to the Public in 2015
KIPO Commissioner Kim Youngmin announced that KIPO will launch a service called One Portal Dossier (OPD), which will provide the public with access to patent examination progress information from the world’s five largest IP offices.

IP5, the world’s largest IP offices: the EPO, the JPO, KIPO, SIPO, and the USPTO

System development on the OPD will be completed before January 2015, and its official launch will be in March 2015 after its compatibility with the other IP5 Offices has been tested. The OPD will allow the public to access the IP5 Offices’ patent examination data, applications (both filed and cross-filed), and decisions of registration (both filed and cross-filed), as well as to retrieve examination progress information during all phases of the application process, from filing to registration.

Previously, Korean users were required to access the examination progress database of each IP5 Office separately. This resulted in further inconveniences, as Korean translations of the examination progress data were not available from foreign offices.
These are the patent examination progress information services of the IP5 Offices:
* The USPTO-PAIR; The EPO-Espacenet; SIPO-CPQuery; The JPO-IPDL; KIPO-e-filing portal site

The OPD service is an IP5 cooperative project aimed at enhancing user convenience and making available patent examination progress information from the IP5 Offices, which account for 80% of all applications globally. Last June, KIPO proposed a concrete system development plan and successfully fostered an agreement at the last IP5 Heads Meeting in Busan, Korea.

KIPO plans to launch the OPD service in March 2015, in accordance with the schedule that was agreed upon by the IP5 Offices. KIPO will begin publically providing examination progress information from Korea, Europe, and Japan, and will add China’s information sometime during the second half of 2015. KIPO will be able to provide American examination progress information by 2016, at which time the patent examination progress data from all the IP5 Offices will be available.

The OPD service requires application numbers only for the retrieval of examination data on a single page, without having to go through such certification procedures as authorized certificates or logging in. This service will also allow users to download examination progress data in an electronic file format.

KIPO is working to provide—starting in March—foreign offices’ patent examination data, which is currently in high demand within the industrial sector. Joint testing in collaboration with other IP5 Offices is underway, and development of the OPD service is now in its final stage. According to a senior official at KIPO: “In Korea, patent trend analyses and corresponding strategies are now the key to business survival in a creative economy, and KIPO hopes the OPD service will be useful to the public in keeping abreast of global patent trends and preventing patent disputes.”